The SnorBan anti snoring mouthpiece has been providing snorers effective snoring relief for over 23 years. We pride ourselves on providing our customers an affordable and comfortable relief to snoring. Nothing makes us happier than to hear our customers tell us their success stories. Over the years, we've heard countless stories from men and women of how the SnorBan mouthpiece has improved their lives and their spouse or partner's lives, too. Here are just a few success stories and comments our customers have shared with us.

My husband and I would like to thank you for making our lives much more pleasant through the night. We have actually been able to spend the whole night together.
Thank you SnorBan! You are my saving grace!   Snorban worked instantly!! I have been using the Snorban for a couple of years now with amazing success.
Much to my delight (not to mention that of my wife) it is one hundred percent successful and well worth it. Congratulations on selling such an excellent product.
SnorBan brought us together in the bedroom. It’s nice to live normally again.
I have used your SnorBan for almost a year with fantastic results. This is a marvelous product and probably saved my marriage.
Another satisfied customer. I purchased my first mouthpiece before Christmas and it had worked wonders. I have now decided I need a second for my travel bag.
I’m so impressed I’ll have another in case I lose the first. I never want to sleep without one.
— R. ASH
Success at last. Thanks to SnorBan, my husband of 59 years is back in the marital bed, and sleeping is no problem for either of us now. It is wonderful and I can recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much.
Brilliant. After 2 nights no more noise at all. I have told all my girlfriends to buy one for their husbands.
Absolutely fantastic. My wife is sleeping with me again and I’m sleeping better.
I can go camping again with my kids and not have to sleep outside the camp.
Just to say how delighted we are; first with the very quick delivery of a SnorBan - less than 24 hours, and no snoring. Guess you aren’t surprised but we are. I lay awake the first night waiting for the snoring - couldn’t believe it - nothing!
I am now back sleeping in the same room as my husband who says I am not snoring at all - which is wonderful news. A secondary advantage is that my neck and shoulders feel much more relaxed which, I am sure, is due in part to a deeper, more healthy sleep.”
“Thank you so much. It’s not just the lack of snoring but the luxury of feeling in better health generally. And of course my husband is delighted.