Does the SnorBan mouthpiece work?

Yes, the SnorBan mouthpiece has shown in clinical trials to eliminate the snoring noise completely in 85% of cases, with the remaining cases showing a drastic reduction in their snoring.

Is it safe?

Oral mandibular advancement devices have been clinically proven as one of the most effective and successful ways to cure snoring. These type of devices have been prescribed by dentists and physicians for years.

What will I receive when I purchase a SnorBan mouthpiece?

You will get 1 (or more, depending on order size) SnorBan mouthpiece, 1 daytime storage case per mouthpiece ordered and detailed molding instructions.

Is the SnorBan mouthpiece hard to fit?

No, it is a very simple process and takes just a few minutes. Just follow the simple instructions provided with your order. If you have trouble fitting your SnorBan mouthpiece, please contact us for a replacement mouthpiece – 15 day replacement policy (one only).

Does one size fit all?

Yes, all adults can use the SnorBan mouthpiece because it will take the precise shape of your mouth, big or small.

Will I have trouble breathing with the SnorBan mouthpiece in my mouth?

Under normal conditions you will have no problems. If a cold or allergies cause you to have a stuffed up nose you should discontinue use until you are breathing freely through your nose.

How long will the SnorBan last?

In normal use, around 8 to 12 months. If, however, you grind your teath heavily, around 6 months.

How do I clean my SnorBan?

A daily and/or weekly Biological Denture Care (BDC) like Polident or Efferdent will keep your SnorBan mouthpiece perfectly clean without affecting the material. A BDC daily and weekly effectively removes plaque from the surface of the mouthpiece. A build up of plaque is a common cause of bacterial contamination.

Will my jaw be sore from being slightly forward during sleep?

The average person requires an adjustment period of 2 to 3 weeks to reach maximum comfort. During this period you may feel a slight discomfort in the jaw area but this will disappear a few minutes after removing the SnorBan mouthpiece. Many customers tell us that after getting accustomed to the SnorBan mouthpiece they prefer sleeping with it rather than without, because apart from getting a better nights sleep they wake up without a dry mouth and they don’t grind their teeth.

Who can use SnorBan?

SnorBan can be used by people who snore through their mouths. SnorBan is also a good way to prevent teeth grinding.

SnorBan is NOT suitable if:

  • You have a pronounced overbite or underbite
  • You suffer from severe epilepsy or chronic asthma
  • You suffer from T.M.J. (Tempro Mandibular Joint) – a pain in the jaw
  • You wear braces or dentures
  • You cannot breathe through your nose

What is the SnorBan mouthpiece made of? Does it contain BPA?

The resins contained in the SnorBan mouthpiece are FDA approved, medically tested, latex-free and contain no BPA additives. The actual resin brand names are proprietary and a trade secret that we do not disclose. All chemicals used are sourced and manufactured within the United States.