What Causes Snoring?

The Problem

Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the airway in the throat. When the airway is smaller, the velocity of air increases while breathing causing the tissues to vibrate and make the sound we call snoring.
The Solution

The Solution

The revolutionary anti-snoring mouthpiece works by opening the airways in the throat during sleep, ending the restrictions in the user’s throat that cause snoring. This leads to more complete oxygenation of the body and leaves users with more energy throughout the day.
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The effectiveness of SnorBan and the importance of getting a complete night’s sleep have been proven in multiple independent medical studies. The one-size-fits-all snore mouthpiece is effective for users of all adult ages.

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100% sourced from and produced within the United States by American workers. All materials used in this product are non-toxic, latex and BPA-free.

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