For anyone that has ever asked “What can I do to stop snoring?” you must first understand what is at the root of your ailment. Every treatment for snoring begins with a scientific examination of the causes of the condition from a physiological perspective. SnorBan’s inventors used extensive research and testing of their product so that they can now claim with scientific certainty that the SnorBan anti snoring mouthpiece alleviates snoring and improves the health, wellness, and quality of life of its users. What follows is an explanation of the snoring process and how SnorBan works to stop snoring.

Why We Snore

Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the airway in the throat. When the airway is smaller, the velocity of air increases while breathing causing the tissues to vibrate and make the sound we call snoring.

How SnorBan Works

SnorBan is an oral mandibular advancement device that has been clinically proven as one of the most effective and successful ways to cure snoring (see medical reports). SnorBan is a stop snoring mouthpiece that you custom mold to fit your mouth for a comfortable, exact fit.

The patented SnorBan mouthpiece holds your lower jaw slightly forward and opens the airway to the throat. This position allows air to move through unobstructed, thereby eliminating vibration and any snoring noise!

Notice that when the SnorBan mouthpiece is being used, the airway in the throat is opened and increases the passage of airflow in the throat. Use of the SnorBan mouthpiece improves oxygenation to the body and helps to alleviate daytime fatigue.